Today in the city Swainsboro 26.04.2017
That Dude is doing it again! ODAB Parachute Bombs on N Hama

That dude is doing it again.. but surprise with no snackbar alert.. nice RuAF/SyAF ODAB 500 "AlQaida/ISIS Lungs busters" dropped - Cool Thermobaric stuff over Maarkaba in Northern Hama, you can see th...

3 Saudi soldiers killed by IED blast; courtesy of the Houthis

It appears that the gentleman furthest back may have been wounded, or simply fell down in shock. **Snackbar Warning**

Rats didn't snackbar in second false flag

LLrs in the know, know this is not the first false flag to draw the US into the war in Syria. 1. Here's an old 2015 chem attack. You will see the fam...

School Prowler Caught With His Baggy Pants Down -- Hanging From Spike Fence

This suspect didn’t get collared. He got pantsed. A man prowling on the fenced campus of an elementary school in Tucson, Arizona, reportedly got his baggy pants stuck on a spiked gate as he...

Burglar, betrayed by baggy pants, gets caught hanging upside down

Nothing against baggy pants in general, but they're maybe not the best choice in apparel for a robbery.  Lot of room for unpleasant friction, high possibility of tripping and, of course, they can...

House Fire Kills 77-Year-Old Simsboro Man

Lincoln Parish fire officials say a 77-year-old man has died in a fire that destroyed the house south of Simsboro where he lived alone.

Islamoterrorists hit a T72 with a TOW

Snackbar warning. Footage from northern Hama, where the front is largely stable but opportunistic attacks continue. A TOW ATGM, provided by the US-turkish-Saudi-Qatari axis of islamoterrorism support...

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